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Effect of orthosis material hardness on walking pressure in high-risk diabetes patients
James A. Birke l James G. Foto l Larry A. Pfiefer
JPO (1999)

This study evaluated the effect of levels of hardness of a commonly used orthosis material in reducing plantar pressure in patients at high-risk for foot ulcers.

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Reducing plantar pressure in the neuropathic foot – A comparison of footwear
Lawrence Lavery l Steven Vela l John Fieischi l David Armstrong l David Lavery
Diabetes Care (1997)

Foot ulceration is the most common component in the causal pathway leading to lower-extremity amputation among individuals with diabetes.

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The effect of PORON and Plastazote insoles on forefoot plantar pressures
K Rogers  l  SJ Otter  l  I Birch
School of Health Professions, University of Brighton (November 2006)

Clear links between peripheral neuropathy and increased plantar pressures in the development of foot ulceration have been observed in conditions such as diabetes mellitus and Hansen’s disease.

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Custom-made total contact insoles and prefabricated functional diabetic insoles: A case report
Joanne Paton  l  Elizabeth Stenhouse  l  Ray Jones  l  Graham Bruce
The Diabetic Foot Journal, Vol 10, No 3 (2007)

Insoles are commonly prescribed to offload the mechanical stress transmitted to the plantar tissues of the foot. Traditionally, the custom-made total contact insole (TCI) is favoured over its prefabricated counterpart.

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