The Diaped range of foot care products provides solutions for all four stages of the diabetic foot care program: Prevention, Diagnostics, Management, and Education.

Diaped products are distributed in the UK and overseas by Algeos (A. Algeo Ltd) and other partners listed in our distributors section.

Diaped was founded as a division of ALG Ltd (Liverpool, United Kingdom) in 2007.

After extensive International travel, the founders of Diaped believed that there was a need for a strong research based Diabetic foot product brand which members of the diabetic foot multidisciplinary team could trust and believe in.

We are assembling a Medical Advisory Board which consists of the most respected Diabetic Foot specialists in the world as we believe that every single product underneath the Diaped Brand must be supported by research.

We have four product areas which focus on solutions for the Neuropathic and Neuro Ischaemic Diabetic Foot:

  • Prevention
  • Diagnostics
  • Management
  • Education

We hope that you will appreciate the range of products that we have assembled. We are constantly investing in product research & development and working with many institutions globally. Diaped also donates money to a number of research funds which specialise in the Diabetic Foot.