Diaped Trisorb

SB2262 Diaped Trisorb. Size-8Easily modified triple durometer orthoses. Rigid EVA base provides subtle functional control for the diabetic foot.

Excellent shape retention and support thanks to quality PORON cushioning and a superior EVA base. Flat base provides the option of modification with the Podotech range of wedges if more functional control is required.


  • Plastazote top cover, Poron cushioning and a high quality EVA base.
  • Long-lasting orthotic.
  • Commonly used for the high-risk foot in diabetic footcare.
  • Designed to fit in both traditional footwear and ‘additional depth’ orthopaedic shoes.

Foto, J. G. & Birke, J. A., 1998. Evaluation of Multidensity Orthotic Materials Used in Footwear for Patients with Diabetes. Foot & Ankle International, 19(12), pp. 836-841. – http://fai.sagepub.com/content/19/12/836.full.pdf+html (Diaped Duosoft Trisorb)

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