Retractable Monofilaments

monofilamentPortable diagnostic tool for testing loss in sensation in the diabetic foot.

Monofilaments are designed to test the loss of sensation in the feet of diabetic patients.

If a patient cannot feel a 10g monofilament then they must be considered to be at risk from developing a neuropathic ulcer.


  • The introductions of Duraban has given the monofilament anti-microbial properties ensuring it meets decontamination and infection control requirements.
  • Measures both the diminishing and returning sensation, ideal for screening peripheral nerve impairment and detecting changes in neurological status.
  • Monofilaments resist damage, thus saving time and expense of replacing and recalibrating.
  • Monofilaments are portable, practical, compact and easy to use. Ideal for the busy clinician.
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