For use with casts and walkers, this device is ideal for the treatment of knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, general rehabilitation.

SG2010 Multicast Evenup

  • Simple and inexpensive way to equalise a patient’s limb length while walking in a leg cast of cast boot.
  • If one leg is shorter than the other, the Evenup makes both legs even in length.
  • Easy application and adjustment with nylon straps, thermoplastic rubber uppers and hook & loop closure.
  • Fits a variety of shoes; easily moved from shoe to shoe.
  • Can adjust height from 1.3cm (1/2″) to 2.1cm (0.8″) in seconds.
  • Outer sole is made of comfortable and durable EVA.
  • Universal (fits right or left shoe)

The Evenup is very simple to apply and use. Patients that have walked for only a short time with an Evenup on the shorter limb will immediately notice the improvement in their balance and gait.

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