Diaped VibraTip

Diaped Vibratip is a device that uses standardised vibration for the detection of peripheral neuropathy.

NV0995 Diaped Vibratip

NICE guidance calls for regular examination of diabetic patient’s feet, including:

  • Inspection for deformity
  • Inspection of footwear
  • Palpation of foot sensation
  • Provides a constant & reproducible source of vibration
  • Can be applied to skin more consistently than a tuning fork
  • Vibration stimulus extends further than point of pressure
  • Single stimulus in a discrete, pocket-sized device
  • Eliminates the need to carry around a heavy tuning fork
  • No visual or audible cue required – highly specific
  • Increased patient engagement – supports patient education
  • Quick and easy to to use

Horsfield, I. & Levy, A., 2013. VibraTip® durability in clinical practice: how long does it last – http://dvd.sagepub.com/content/13/2/91.full.pdf+html

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