Diaped Twintip

twintipDual combination device for thermal discrimination and sensory perception Dual combination diagnostic device for testing thermal discrimination and sensory perception. The sensations of touch and temperature in the foot have specific practical implications – for diabetics even more important – they are essential protective functions of the body.

Temperature discrimination and tactile sensitivity are of particular practical significance as they have a direct protective function in everyday life. Placed together under the term “protective sensitivity”, they are not only to be emphasized for their diagnostic relevance in detecting diabetic peripheral neuropathy, but also as an important protective function for persons affected with diabetes.

Regular checking of this protective sensitivity establishes a safeguard for the earliest affected fibres (poorly myelinated or non-myelinated A-Delta and A-Beta fibres) in diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Testing with Twin-Tip should be conducted in line with national and international guidelines for diabetics, preferably at least twice per year. International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (1999). International Consensus on the Diabetic Foot.

  • Twin-Tip is a validated, unique, combination diagnostic device for testing the presence of symptoms of peripheral neuropathy of the feet.
  • Twin-Tip tests both the essential protective functions of thermal discrimination and sensory perception of the feet.
  • Easily removable and disposable retractable 10g monofilament to avoid infectious cross contamination – supplied with 100 replacement tips.
  • Twin-Tip is a simple, safe, non-invasive, economical and rapid test of two important protective functions of the feet.

Differences in the Performance of Commercially Available 10-g Monofilaments – http://www.algeos.com/filemanager/research/Difference%20in%20the%20performance%20of%20comercially%20avaiable%2010g%20monofilaments.pdf 

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